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Anne Belle was born in Eastern Kentucky where she  attended The Piarist School as well as Eastern Kentucky University. Her love of literature and the written word began very young age with the influence of her great-grandmother who was a first grade school teacher for many years. She began writing her own stories in grade school where she successfully participated in Young Authors programs and as her schooling progressed she began to craft more complex pieces and even won essay contests that resulted in scholarships and other prizes.

Her foray into the publishing world began in her late twenties when she decided to put down more complex stories and characters. Ideas for books came rapidly; sometimes too fast to put onto the page. Even today there are folders and notebooks filled with ideas for characters, plots, essays, and other tidbits for settings. From those notes she is always working on multiple projects and pushing forward with new characters, settings, and stories.

In Spring of 2013 Anne released her first novel The Secret of the Storm via’s subsidiary Createspace. Taking the leap into independent publishing and forging ahead with inventive ideas and concepts. Her primary focus is in fiction. However she is also open to editorials, reviews, and essays on her blog, in print, or in other avenues.

Anne now lives in East Texas with her fiance and daughter. Her time is spent writing, being a mom, and homeschooling their daughter.  She has a cat named Mariska and the couple recently acquired a puppy that “the munchkin” named Ladybug.  In what little spare time she does have, Anne enjoys crafts. Particularly sewing, painting, various needlepoint activities, and do-it-yourself projects that are functional and decorative around the home. She also enjoys music and sings when the opportunity presents itself.

2013 is proving to be a productive year for the author. Her release in May is not the only release to occur. The first book in her upcoming series Armageddon Rising is due to release in October on 2013 and a second Slauson Cove novel could follow as early as Spring of 2014.

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